August Cards of the Months: A Sea of Red and Lots of Light

By Todd Johnson

Somebody made a few too many cards last month. I’m not going to name any names, but it was me. If you really wanted someone to blame, you can go blame my ever burgeoning list of photographers throughout Arizona, the Northwest, and South Bend.

In total, I made over 160 cards and I enjoyed making every single one, but I am not sure why I made so many. That averages out to about six card a day. As a result, I do have a few pictures backlogged already for next month.

While there is a lot of the color red in this month’s collection, there are several faces in new places. In addition, the sun seemed to have an impact on most of the top ten cards. I still am going through some of my photographs I took in South Bend, the Quad Cities, and Kane County. I found about 8 more that turned out well. In addition, there were some big happenings in Chicago that made some excellent cards.

Let’s get right to the video…


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