40 Man Roster Update… A Lot Is Going On!

By Todd Johnson

4:30 P.M.

OK, this is getting strange.

Teaching history all day doesn’t allow me to sit at a computer all day and refresh Twitter and work messages. So, when I got breaks today to see what was happening, I was left shaking my head.

When the day began, the Cubs’ 40 man roster was at 39. I thought this is going to be a normal 40 man roster period where the Cubs waive a few guys and add a few guys. No biggie.

Yeah, that looks like the old way of doing things is not happening.

The strangeness began around 2 for me when I read that IF Jack Reinheimer was claimed off waivers by the Rangers. That was not the strange part.  Sometimes, when an organization tries to sneak a guy through waivers, the player gets claimed. What happened next was a little puzzling.

The Cubs were said to be in on trading for a couple of relievers from San Diego, according to Ken Rosenthal. One of the players, Coltin Brewer was traded quickly leaving the Cubs still on Rowan Wick. If the Cubs got wick, that would put the roster at 39 leaving the Cubs with one spot left. So far, the Wick trade has not happened.

Then, a little before 4 P.M.. the Cubs claimed pitcher Ian Clarkin off waivers from the White Sox. Clarkin pitched most recently in the Southern League at Birmingham. He’s a 23-year-old lefty pitcher. This move actually moved the roster to 39.

My head is starting to spin and I don’t think we are done yet.

The deadline to finalize the roster is 8 P.M. tonight.

I will be back later with more.


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