A Strange Day Indeed – Russell, Torreyes, and Hamilton Highlight a Lot of Roster Weirdness

Yesterday was a strange day. 

The weirdness began when the Cubs issued two joint statements from Theo Epstein and Addison Russell .

I haven’t decided if the Cubs are trying to win the public relations front or actually trying to help everyone involved or both. On the surface, the latter appears to be their intent in words.

I would prefer the Cubs just move on from him. However, I may not get my wish for a while.

By offering Russell a contract, the Cubs control his fate once he comes off suspension. Until then, they can trade him, release him, or keep him. The Cubs still think they might be able to get something for him before he comes off suspension. Sadly, Friday’s memos were more about that than anything else.

The Cubs also tendered contracts to Carl Edwards, Kyle Hendricks, Mike Montgomery, Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, and Kyle Schwarber. Unless the players and Cubs agree on terms, they will all go through the arbitration process later this winter. 

The Cubs did not offer contracts to Justin Hancock, Allen Webster, and the newly acquired Ronald Torreyes. Almost immediately after the announcement, news got out from 670 the Score’s Julie DiCaro that the Cubs are working to sign Torreyes to a deal.

The roster stands currently stands at 36.


The free agent market changed greatly yesterday. Almost 100 new players joined the fray and at a markedly reduced price. The Cubs are going to be looking for a middle infielder, some relievers, and maybe a backup catcher. 

One player whose non-tender caught my eye was OF Billy Hamilton of the Reds. His defense capabilities and immense speed are intriguing and he could be a potent hitter.

When the Winter Meetings begin on the 10th, the off season should be in high gear.


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