Welcome to Cubs Central!

On this site, I share what’s catching my attention in the Cubs’ system. I post thoughts about the major league club, the minors, the draft, and international free agency. My favorite aspect of the site is the baseball cards I make using old Topps frames with pictures of current players and prospects.

At first, this site was to be a place where I would put the cards I made and to chronicle the rebuild. The focus has changed a bit since the Cubs won the World Series.

I mainly write about the Cubs’ Minor League System, International Free Agency, and the MLB Draft. I also write for Cubs Insider and Baseball Prospectus.

You can always find me on Twitter at: @cubscentral08 

As for the real world…
I teach US History, Geography, and World History at a small rural school in northern Illinois and I do this site in my spare time. I am getting close to retirement and then this will be my full-time gig…maybe. My wife is also a huge Cubs fan, too (that’s why I married her). We have 5 dogs, all rescues.

Here’s Zeus – my 15 year old terrier – he helps, too.



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