The Weekly: Eloy Begins to Adjust

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Things are starting to slowly turn for Eloy this week. Baseball America named him the hot prospect of the week. Through Thursday he had been 11 for 21. On Friday, he added to that I going two for four with a double. Considering that he was down around .200 for the better part of two weeks, it is good to see him make adjustments. His average has now climbed to .273.

Victor Caratini got to be a small part of history on Monday as he caught a no-hitter. His average, on the other hand, is not doing well. However, his game calling skills are improving greatly. Ian Happ continues to be streaky.

James Farris only had one outing this week, and like usual, he did not allow a run to score and struck out two. His fall transformation is very exciting.

The day after the Cubs World Series, they announced that they claimed pitcher Conor Mullee off waivers from the Yankees. He has been extremely injury prone but is said to have excellent stuff.

One of the things that skipped past me in the days after the championship was how late it is in the postseason. Thanksgiving is just 2 1/2 weeks away, I did not see that coming. Add in the fact that the GM meetings and rule five draft are less than a month away, it will be a short offseason. 

I’m still basking in the glow of winning the World Series, I’m not quite ready to talk about the normal posts to come at this time of the year. Give me another week or two of soaking this all in and then I think I’ll be ready.


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