Topp’s Reproductions of Cub Prospects

I am keeping the baseball cards I make over on the Facebook page. The links are below. It is just becoming easier to store them over there and easier to load on your browser, tablet, or phone. Still, I wanted some cards on here so I am putting up the Cards of the month which I started doing in 2016.

Thanks to the photographers for 2017 – MBDChicago, Rikk Carlson, Dylan Heuer/Iowa Cubs, Larry Kave and the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, South Bend Cubs, MiLB, Michael Caterina, Tennessee Smokies, Emma Reese

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2017 Cards of the Month

September, August, and July


June, May, and April


2016 Cards of the Month

June, July, August

cease 64 2016 eugDewees 82 2016 sb

May and April

eloy 86 2016 sbrose 86 2016 SB